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Khejur Gurr (Date palm jaggery) Sandesh!

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Khejur gurrr or Nolen ( newly made ) gurr ( jaggery)Sandesh (dessert)is a classic Bengali sweet that is very popular in Bengal in winter time . These melts-in-your-mouth sweets are just irresistible because of their unique flavor and taste. Indian cottage cheese (Chana) is cooked in date jaggery on low heat and when the consistency is hard enough to give a shape then you shape it into different beautiful-looking shapes. I made taal sash (palm fruit shape).


Chana (Indian Cottage Cheese) - 700 grams

Khejur Gurr (date jaggery) - 300grams

Mold to give shape

Raisin for garnish


  • After preparing the chana, strain it and wash it with water.

  • Then squeeze the chana to take the water out.

  • Then, hang the chana for an hour to take the excess water out.

  • After that, knead the chana nicely for 10 minutes with your palm till it is smooth.

  • Next, take a heavy bottom pan and put it on the low flame.

  • Melt the date jaggery in the pan and then add the ground smooth chana to it.

  • Keep cooking and stirring the mixture on low heat.

  • Grind the mixture with a hand mixer for a creamy texture or should not have any lumps.

  • Turn off the heat when the consistency is like soft dough.

  • let it cool down a little and give it your desired shape

  • Apply ghee on the mold and make the beautiful-looking shaped Sandesh.

Enjoy Sandesh!

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