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Welcome to LovingCooking7

A Warm Hello to All My Readers and Followers

LovingCooking7 is truly my own little passion webpage, gaining more and more traction with it each day. I hope you enjoy browsing my page and all of the content I have to offer to my readers. Take a look and perhaps you’ll find the idea that fuels you as well.

Read on and enjoy my content!

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me your valuable feedback and comments about my page or recipes. 

All photographs on this site are taken by me, so if you’d like to use any photos & recipes, please ask or link back to the site for the full recipe and instructions.

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How It Got Started

Hear It From Me and about Me

Dear Readers,

This is Soma and I welcome you to my website, LovingCooking7. 

Decorating and Cooking always make me happy. It’s a stress reliever for me.

I’m really excited to create my new website about my cooking with my version of recipes and my food photography. Frankly speaking, I am learning about blogging and loving the experience of putting everything together.

My family is my biggest supporter of everything that I am doing in my life. Now I am after one of my hobbies - cooking food and presenting food among many more hobbies- like photography, painting, making jewelry, decorating the house!☺️

Cooking has always been my passion and I love trying different cuisines from all around the world. Also, I am a huge Food tv fan and always tried different dishes of all famous celebrity chefs and local specialties.  I am also a world traveler, which helped me to taste different dishes from different cuisines. While trying any new dish, prefer to know and read about the cultural connection behind it. I feel that connects me more with the dish and spices that I use. In my own space, I love to recreate all these dishes at home with the touch of my own spices. I am an Indian American, so naturally, I cook more Indian food at home. Biriyani is one of my favorite Indian dishes to cook and to eat among many more. 

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About The Blog

What You Need to Know

When I started exploring my passions of sharing my cooking and baking with new recipes, then I thought of creating LovingCooking7 with a goal to influence others who things cooking is boring, to love their food and try new recipes and love their cooking.

What is it that drives you? For me, it’s doing new things, trying new things. LovingCooking7 is the result of that. I always love to cook and try new recipes. Cooking is nothing but a good recipe and your desire of making good food. Recipes are all over the internet but it’s your little turn and twist that makes it your own. When We all cook, we taste the food, or we look at it and add more this and that. We don’t remember or never document how much we are adding ingredients🤨...Now as I have little time in my hand, so I opened a blog and tried to pen my recipes.

Here I share traditional and classic recipes along with my colorful and exotic cooking and baking that excites me and hope so it does with the others.

So my fellow readers and followers, now I have a good number of recipes to look at try at home :). Enjoy my exotic cooking experience and traditional classic recipes. 

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me your valuable feedback and comments about my page or recipes. 

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Please subscribe to my page for future notifications of the new content.

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