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Welcome to LovingCooking7

Explore My Version of Recipes

Welcome to LovingCooking7, a unique exciting blog to explore. LovingCooking7 has added such joy to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions for cooking, thoughts about different cuisines, recipes, and food photography with my loyal readers and followers. 

All photographs on this site are taken by me, so if you’d like to use any photos & recipes, please ask or link back to the site for the full recipe and instructions. 

Read on and enjoy my blog.

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me your valuable feedback and comments about my page or recipes. 

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RECIPES: Welcome

Almond Phirni!

Phirni is a wonderful, creamy dessert made with ground rice combined with milk and sugar. This dessert also tastes great when flavored...

Instant Ghee Jalebi!

These sweet snacks are made by frying batter into spiral shapes which are then coated with syrup. Jalebis are sort of like American...

Mango Phirni!

Phirni is an Indian sweet ground rice pudding. It is made with soaked basmati rice pest, milk, various nuts, sugar, and scented with...

Rose Almond Ladoos!

This is a festive time, and any festival is incomplete without sweets! Here is a recipe that is easy and can be made within 10 mins!...

Spicy Pesto Margarita Pizza!

This is a spicy pesto and cheesy margarita pizza. In my house, one loves tomato-based red ragu sauce in pizza. Personally, I love pesto...


The Story Behind It 

I believe we should always motivate by our own self-interest if we want to thrive in today’s crazy world. Our personality, our engagement, and most importantly, our heart guide us on that path. All of these elements brought me to start LovingCooking7.

Ever since I started the Instagram LovingCooking7 account, it has been growing and has quickly gained many loyal followers. After seeing that, I have started this blog. Thank you for dropping by my page. Hope you will enjoy my recipes and food photography here.

Please subscribe to my page for future notifications for the new content, and feel free to share your valuable comments and opinions about my page or recipes.




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